About BizNameTools

The best naming techniques

Naming your new business can be a real challenge. A name represents what your company is all about. It's not just a name. It's a symbol. It also has to be catchy, brandable, pronounceable, easy to remember and most of all: available!

There are about 200 million companies today world wide and every year thousands of new startups are launched. With so many companies out there, trying to pick a name that hasn't already been taken and finding an available domain name can become a tedious task that could take days, if not weeks.

While searching for an available domain name for multiple websites I’ve used many different naming techniques. On this website you will find the methods that proved best to find a unique business name that sounds good and represents what your company stands for. Including a random word generator, a word matcher and several articles to help you in your search.

This website does not generate business names. Instead it gives you something far more valuable: Tons of inspiration to come up with a unique business name yourself!

The best web hosting services

But we're not stopping there. If you want people to find your products or services online you're going to need a website. Ranking high in SEO is important and having a fast, high quality website all starts with finding a good web hosting service. On BizNameTools you will find a top 10 of the best web hosting services out there. Find out which one suits your website best!

The human behind BizNameTools


Hello, I am Linda, a front end developer from the Netherlands. The idea for BizNameTools came from my own search for unique website names. I created a random word generator and word matcher to help with naming my websites. Of course I also had to do my own research about which web hosting companies I wanted to host my websites. And then I thought, 'Why not share that?'

In the future I will add more articles and helpful tools to this website. If you have any suggestions you can contact me at info@biznametools.com